Saturday, December 22, 2012

How To Speed up the Start Menu For Windows XP

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Windows XP default speed of the Start Menu is very slow. You can fix that by editing a Registry Key.
Here's how:
Go to Start> Run, then type in: regedit Press [Enter] on your keyboard.
Navigate to the following key: HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Control Panel \ Desktop \ MenuShowDelay
By default, the value is 400. Change this to a smaller value (like 0) to speed it up.  Note:  If your still experiencing a slow speed of the Start Menu, even after using the above tip, then you might try the following:  
Navigate to Display Properties> Appearance> Advanced
Turn off the option titled Show menu shadow . You will get much better overall performance.
Feel the need for speed?

You can adjust the graphics and splash screen effects in XP. This uses up some memory and slows XP down. Follow the steps below to pick up some noticeable speed by taking out some of the fancy stuff that XP does behind the scenes:
Click your Start button on bottom left of your tool bar.
Choose control panel>> System>> Advanced.
Under 'Performance' click Settings and select "Adjust for best performance".
Now, scroll down to the last two options in that menu and uncheck them:
Use drop shadows
Use visual styles
Apply the change.
Don't worry, XP will still look and feel like XP.


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